Thursday, March 23, 2006

Paul And Spike Gold

Well, after a fairly crappy time with G-cast, which was one customer service email short of being a great service, I've decided to move the podcast to a new service called Ode0; from the makers of Blogger!

The interface is less pretty, but it seems to work really well. Please let me know your comments on whether we should do more, what you'd like to hear in it and if you found it easy enough to cope with.

Here's the link to the channel, where there's more audio:


Jackie Lantern said...

I've only listended to Floodageddon 03 and Kazoography so far but they are freaking hilarious! I had forgotten how funny you guys were. Thanks for opening up this time portal so I can relive the good old days; my crappy job, the blinding hangovers, my embarrassingly large glasses, and afternoons with 58live.

Anonymous said...

Stick with Odeo, because the quality seems to be great.

Anonymous said...

Stick woth Odeo, because the quality seems to be great.

Senihele said...

So cool, Spike. I'm on dialup so it's a little slow to l9oad but well worth it.

"Is that the green goblin?"