Monday, January 16, 2006


Happy New Year!

It's been quiet around here, huh? Yeah, sorry about that. It's not that I don't care or that I don't love you, there's just been a lot going on. No, I haven't been cheating on you with another blog.

Thanks for the continued enquiries about the Podcast. Let me set your minds at rest; it IS going ahead. Possibly TWO of them will be going ahead. John Collins is keen to get going and Paul and I are forming ideas, too. With a baby on the way and work continuing at a 'when-I-can-get-round-to-it' pace on Taskerlands, the studio it will all happen from, in addition to other responsibilities including the usual work-to-spare-time ratio, other broadcasting commitments and various time-consuming responsibilities (wives, for example), it won't be tomorrow. But it WILL happen. This year. Promise. We're all eager to experiment in the medium and, all of us perfectionists, we won't be doing or releasing anything until we're all happy. 35+ years of combined broadcasting experience will do that...