Friday, July 29, 2005

I Drink, Therefore I 'Sham.

Shamelessly ripped from someone else's blog, here is one of those daft wee surveys. It's here partly because it deals with two of my favourite subjects (myself and drinking) and also because I've been so busy having to be creative at work (more later on that front) that I've been neglecting the ol' Blog. So here we go, then:

Name: Spike Nesmith. Ess Pee Eye Key Eee. Enn Eee Ess Emm Eye Tea Aitch.

Location: Charleston, wubbleyouvee.

Height: 5 10

First time you ever drank: Hmm... lemme think. No idea when, but it was probably something like Babycham at new year. Do you think they really make it out of babies? First time I *bought* alcohol was on my 19th birthday.

More of a beer or liquor person: Beer for social drinking, liquor for serious drinking. Both for *really* serious drinking.

Type of drunk you are: It depends on the mood I'm in. I can be happy, singy, dance-on-the-table drunk, or I can be miserable, depressing, maudlin drunk - hey, there's nothing like a depressant to chase the blues away, right? Mostly I'm a fun drunk though.

Ever been in an actual fight: Sure!

Favorite drink/shot: Shots? Drambuie. It's a drink that can be savoured, or it can be slammed back at the bar whilst they're pouring your guinness. DB was what I called my "travelling drink". I'd order the round at the bar and drink the DB before I left to see me back to the table. You've got to love a drink you can feel burning as it winds its way down.

Favorite beer (if applicable): Newcastle Brown probably doesn't count since it's technically an ale, but I'll say Tennants, despite the fact that it's what most of the neds, na'erdowells and general buffoons drink in Scotland.

Favorite liquor: Drambuie.

More of a Bar or Club person: Again, I'm split. Pubs for converation and company, clubs for jumpin' fun. Although that's not to say one can't have fun in a bar, like the time my best friend in the world and I experimented to see how many straws we could stick together and still be able to drink through them. I can't remember how many it was, but he needed to stand on a chair as I lay on the floor, so probably a fair few.

Alcohol you absolutely despise: Black rum. Blah!

Ever bought a stranger a drink: probably, but no specifics come to mind.

Been thrown out of a bar/club: no, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn express last night.

Ever make out with someone in front of a cheering crowd: um... yes. But don't ask for details.

Most amount of money spent in one bar/club: it's got to be in the hundreds of pounds. The tab at TGI Fridays for cocktails one Christmas eve came to 120+ pounds, and that was in the space of an hour. I had just ordered a cocktail and my friend asked to pay the tab. When the barman said "125 quid, mate", I thought that was the price of the 'summa this and summa that' cocktail I just had him make and almost crapped my pants.

Ever buy a round for random people: yeah!

Ever had to play the wingman: not that I know of, but then I have no idea what the hell a wingman is. i played "Spoonman" on the radio once, does that count?

Best song/band to hear while drinking: Anything singalongable. American Pie and Barenaked Ladies "The Wrong Man Was Convicted" go a long way, and I once had the entire upper floor of The Goose (see below) drumming and singing along with the hook from "Footloose".

Ever danced on the bar/stage: natch!

Best town/area to drink in: The Goose on Union Street, Glasgow. If you run out of conversation, you can flip through their display books for rude bits or swearing.

Do you forget a lot of what happens during a night of hard drinking: depends on how hard and what i've been drinking. I have some holes in some evenings that I can't remember, suffice it to say I now have a tattoo that says "Lotte" and I get letters asking for child support. Why is it always the fun ones that go missing?

Ever been drunk around your parents: Hell yeah. My dad watched me chug three beers in a row before he took me home from a barbecue one sunny day in 1997. We all got food poisoning. Lesson: never grill chicken drunk.

Come on you boozy buggers, cut and paste it and lemme know YOUR answers, too.

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