Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It's time to play...

AMERICAN IDOL BINGO! (after a long and unexplained chunk of nothing which is undetectable in the html.)

"dawg""I dunno, man""Karaoke bar"Ryan dismisses Cowell's comments
"Pitchy"Is Paula drunk?"Hotel Lobby"Paula pantomimes violence on Simon
"Cruise ship"contestants mime their phone numbers"the dogpound"Paula praises a dreadful performance
contestants point at the camera during a song"not your best performance""you're back"Paula is about to cry
"goosebumps"Paula stands to applaudPaula and Randy dance, Simon stays seated"at this stage in the competition"
contestant strolls off stage during songPauls talks over Simon when she disagreesPainfully unfunny all-cast commercial for Fordfree square

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