Friday, May 20, 2005

Is There Any Tea On This Spaceship...?

a hot-tea drinking sexy beast, this morning

Quick note - if you're a hot tea drinker, I've got two words for you: Krogerownbrandtea Bags. I was running low on Lipton... oh, wait. That sounds like the first line to a song. Or at the very least a poem!

To the Rhymobile! GO!!

I was running low on Lipton
to make my daily cuppa

um.... ok, I can't think of a rhyme for "cuppa". Hmm... a limerick maybe?

There once was a man not called Bo
whose tea bag supply was quite low
(mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble)
to Kroger he's glad he did go

Damn. I guess I'm not in a rhyming state o'mind today. Anyhoo, frivolity aside, it's time to ditch the Lipton as tea-of-choice and pick up some of K-Roger's own brand tea bags. Good? GOOD? Hot damn. Three tea bags in your teapot and you're ready to go.. As good as Tetley, as good as Scottish Blend.... man. Top stuff.


sapphirescarlet said...

Do you only drink it hot? You've been in WV a while, have you aquired a taste yet for the cold stuff?

Lars said...

We are not alone