Friday, May 13, 2005

Blah blah blah, me me blah, blah blah blah blah me me me.

I've just realised how jealous I am of self-obsessed idiots. I opened up this blog basically to shoot the shit; essentially with myself. I mean, of all the blogs out there it's highly unlikely that mine will be read over others. Why should it? After all, what content of interest is there to John Q. I'mgonnareadsomeonelesesblog?

Over the years I've seen, if you'll pardon the language, some fucking corking blogs. I've seen blogs that blew my fucking mind - not only because of their content, but that people would write down such intimate details of their lifes in the single largest public form ever invented. I saw one which was a blow by blow account (often literally) of the life of a 19/20 year old Canadian girl with a ferocious drug habit and whose legs seemed perpetually open to her circle of male friends. It was fascinating and funny but at the same time there was a very deep sense of tragedy about it. She obviously had no real concept of the danger her lifestyle put her in and the one friend she constantly expressed her true love for treated her like a wet hole. He'd turn up in her life every couple of weeks or so, she would be all happy and excited, he'd score some drugs off her, they'd get drunk and high together (or he'd turn up drunk and high), she'd give him a blowjob and a night or two of wild sex and then he'd disappear and never answer her calls, leaving her miserable because she "thought that it was for real this time". I read another, purportedly from a Hollywood A-lister and even one from a prostitute who managed to balance a day job, a night job and a boyfriend who knew but disapproved. 'Blog' was even the big buzzword in the recent election cycle, where seemingly any fat, malodorous wanker with a computer and a political agenda could influence news and current events just by supplying contrary research that was at worst dubious and at best dubious but interestingly scandalous. And the media ran with it. The way things really are be damned; when the legend becomes truth, print the legend, right?

Where does mine fit in? Certainly not in the category of the biggies, more a sneeze in the ocean of me-centric blogs. Part of the vast array of blogs out there written by narcissitic jerks who think that the general public are interested in what they did that day, what they fed the dog for dinner or their latest self-pitying piece of shit poem.

Life, oh life - thou piss'd on me
I'm drowning in solemnity
the darkness comes to take the light
the dog and I had steak tonight.

Perhaps some day I'll be promiscuous enough to make compelling reading. Maybe my political views will be re-ignighted to the point that my thoughts will become ramblings that become vitriolic columns.

....or not.

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Toady said...

You say all that about how you can't write stuff that's compelling to read, but I just read that whole thing and it was worth it. If you have any other articles like that or raising that kind of point then I want to read them.

So don't worry about it.